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Jaromír Honzák has released a new record Twenties

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“Aside from the musical direction of the projects in which Honzák appears, there remains, with a touch of simplification, much the same content, much the same view, which has not changed for years. And it doesn’t matter if we call it the desire to discover the unknown, the joy of freedom of creation, or the desire to inspire and be inspired.”

Hynek Just, Czech Radio Vltava

“Double-bass player and composer Jaromír Honzák is an integral fixture of the Czech music scene. It was largely due to him that a higher level of professionalism and higher learning in the field of jazz music was established in the Czech Republic, and many young performers in the Czech jazz scene rightly consider him to be their guru.”


Jaromír Honzák (b. 1959) is a jazz bassist who has been on the Czech jazz scene since the 1980s. His solo albums have picked up Anděl awards in five jazz categories. His work extends to his long-term collaboration with the Eben Brothers band, to the Luboš Soukup’s experimental ensemble Points Septet, and to his projects with Iva Bittová.

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