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The music on this album (Little Things) is the music of angels. Beautifully conceived forms, lyrical melodies, wistful harmonies, rhythmic clarity and variety ... no pretense, only bare honest music. I'm blown away.
- John Rapson, Professor of Music, Director of Jazz Studies
The University of Iowa

"Sculpting mood with a loose modal flow, the Czech bass player and composer exhibits a firm grasp of the intricacies of modern jazz. Present Past's significant emotional impact speaks volumes on the abilities of the musicians with whom Honzák has surrounded himself, and of his strengths as a musician and composer."
- Paul Ryan, Splendid

"A trusty sideman heard on many jazz productions from the Czech Republic, bassist Jaromír Honzák commits here a straightforward and rewarding album as a leader. His writing is elegant and graceful, with an important melodic input – a nice change from the usual jazz bass player albums, which tend to be filled with tricky rhythmic patterns that have no meat around the bone."
- François Couture, All Music Guide

"In his group concept Honzák emphasizes harmony and playing with atmosphere . His playing is sympathetic with drummer Lukasz Zyta and pianist Michal Tokaj, whose collective performance resembles a painter quietly putting on layers of tones to complete a picture in sound . Sophisticated harmonies, long intensifying spaces, decomposing emotions, profound empathy – these are the moments which characterize a high quality performance of the Honzák Quintet."
- Roland Kánik, All About Jazz

"With his albums, Honzák has brought a spirit of openness and freshness into the domestic jazz scene."
- Petr W. Vaněk, Metropolis

"Present Past is the much anticipated release from the Czech leader and his international band… Honzák's music is exceptionally strong thanks to the bassist's unique compositional style… Profound, world-class music… One of the most significant events in the history of Czech jazz"
- Harmonie

"Regardless of the genre or configurations of the projects Honzák has participated in over the years, a unique quality in his music remains constant. And it doesn't matter what we call it: a desire to explore the unknown; pleasure taken in unbounded creativity; or an urge to inspire or be inspired."
- Czech Radio 3 – Vltava